The Red- headed league

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Continue part 2 : Mr Merryweather said, “Really, Mr Holmes, I do not know how to thank you. You have foiled one of the most cunning attempts at bank robbery. The bank is grateful to you.” “You see, Watson,” Holmes said, after we reached his home, “it was obvious from the first that the only possible object of the strange advertisement and the peculiar job was to get Mr Wilson away from his shop for some hours every day. The Red-headed League was a clever idea. In Mr Wilson’s absence, Clay and his red-headed companion wanted to dig an underground tunnel from Mr Wilson’s house to the bank. Then, they would be able to enter the bank and steal the gold without breaking open the doors of the bank. Using the tunnel, they entered the cellar. They planned to steal the gold, and go back to Mr Wilson’s house, again through the tunnel, and then get away.“But how could you guess what their motive was?” Children how was the story? Stu:- It’s an Interesting story ma’am. Yes that’s true.