The Red- headed league

Answer My Questions


Children, Now answer my questions. Q.1. What was the name of the young man who opened the door to Mr. Holmes? Stu: Spaulding, assistant of Mr. Wilson.Q.2. Where did Holmes take Dr. Watson? Stu: Mr.Holmes took Mr.Watson to the square where Mr.Wilson had his shop.Q.3. Where did Mr. Merry weather took all? Stu:- He took them in the cellar of city branch of one of the main banks in London. Q.4. Who were the other two persons with Mr. Holmes? Stu:- Mr. Merryweather and Mr.Jones. Merryweather was chairman of the bank and second was from Scotland yard.Q.5. Who were the criminals? Stu:-Criminals were Clay and Duncan Ross.Q.6. Why did Mr. Holmes think that the criminals would act that night? Stu:- Because it was weekend and the bank was closed.Q.7. What was the reason for peculiar job of Mr. Wilson? Stu - Criminals wanted to keep away Mr. Wilson for some hours from his shop because they wanted to dig the tunnel. Very good children.