Double standards

Now Coming To The Next Stanza


Now coming to the next stanza.‘When I do something wrong,I am such a terror.When you do something wrong,It’s a forgivable error.When the child does something wrong the grown-ups take it very seriously. But when grown-ups do something wrong it is not serious. It can be easily forgiven.Tell the antonyms of words. विरुद्ध अर्थाचे शब्द सांगा.1. Lazy x hardworking. 2. Rude x humble. 3. Firm x unstable.4. Careless x careful. 5. wrong x right. 6. Always x never.7. Clumsy x skilful. 8. Raise x lower. 9. wake up x sleep.10. Error x correction. 11. Something x nothing. 12. Spoil x improve.Now we will try to find answers for the following questions. Q1. What happens when the child gets up late? Ans.:- Grownups call him lazy. Q2. Why are grown-ups shocked? Ans.:- Because child raised his voice. Q3. Who is always wrong? Why? Ans. The child is always wrong because the grown-up people think so. Q4. Why is the child called clumsy? Ans. Because he has broken Something.