Double standards

Translate The Words In Our Mother Tongue


Children now we will translate the words in our mother tongue. 1) Stubborn:- आडमुठा हट्टी. 2) Firm:- ठाम राहणारा. 3) Careless:-निष्काळजी. 4) Helpless:-असहाय्य. 5) Clumsy:- वेंधळा. 6) Naughty:-खोडकर. 7) Quarrel:-भांडण. 8) Error:-चूक. 9) Rude:-उद्धट. 10) Duty:- कर्तव्य. Now take any situation from the poem and use the ideas from poem and try to write short speeches. Here see some examples. Situation: Raising one’s voice. Ans:- Grown up: Don’t shout. It is rude shout. How dare you raise your voice! It’s shocking. Now we will make two groups and discuss the statements. One group should support the statement and other group should oppose it. You may use English or your mother tongue whenever it is necessary in discussion.