Baby Pangolin’s Night out



Today’s topic is ‘Baby Pangolin’s Night out’. This story is about an animal named Pangolin. Let’s first read the story.“Come, Baby, Wake up! We will go ant eating today!” Mama Pangolin gave a gentle loving push to her one-month old baby, with her long tapering mouth. Baby was still drowsy after a day’s sleep. Mother tried to persuade him, “You keep asking me to take you out; you say you are tired of drinking milk all the time. Now get up, get ready.” “No! Won’t!” said Baby, stretching his long tail lazily, “I don’t want to walk all the way!” “Don’t worry,” said Mama, “I’ll carry you on my tail. Good boy, come on, it’s time!” Mama set him on her tail and finally brought him out of the home. Their home was a snug hole in the earth, nine inches wide and more than a metre long. Mama cautioned Baby to sit tight and hold on to her scales with his claws. She began to walk steadily and cautiously. Just then, a porcupine went past them.“Who’s that?” Baby wondered. “Oh, that! That’s a porcupine!” “And who are we?” “Good! Baby, remember, this is the proper food for us pangolins. We don’t have teeth like other animals, so this is what we eat!”