Baby Pangolin’s Night out



Just then, Mama smelled something. In a trice, she pulled her Baby to herself and held him close to her belly. She hid behind a rock and pulled her long body together into a tight ball. Anyone would think she was just another piece of rock. After a while, the smell diminished. It seemed to come from a safe distance. Mama loosened her tail a bit and listened carefully. She sensed a bright light passing on, and with it, some sounds. She uncurled herself very very cautiously and let the Baby go.“Did you note the smell just now? Remember it better than anything else. This is the smell of man. Some of them are wicked beyond measure. They search for our holes/nests and dig them up. They kill us, eat our flesh and sell our scales to earn loads and loads of money. Humans think our scales are medicinal.“Long ago, when only tribal people living in the jungles knew about us, the situation was not so bad. They too killed animals but not for greed. Now you have to be on your guard against greedy people such as those we smelled just now. When we step out for our nighttime wandering, they flash harsh torch lights to spot us and then shoot us with their guns. These very same wicked people have destroyed our habitats and cleared away jungles. There’s no room for us to build our homes and to roam around anymore. Life is now full of hardships. You can never tell when someone lurking around might kill you. Be warned, Baby, be careful!