Baby Pangolin’s Night out

Revise The Lesson


Children now let’s revise the lesson. Please, answer my questions. Tea: What did Mama Pangolin do? Why? Stu:- Mama Pangolin woke up baby pangolin because she wanted to take him out for a walk.Tea:- How did Mama Pangolin carry her baby? Stu:- Mama Pangolin carried her baby on her tail.Tea:- What did Mama and baby see on their way? Stu:-- Mama and baby saw a porcupine on their way.Tea:- Guess where they live? Stu:- They lived in a snug hole in the earth.Tea:- What are the meanings of ‘cautioned’ and ‘cautiously’.Stu:- Cautioned means warned and cautiously means carefully, with alertness. Tea:- Correct. Imagine you are on a visit to nearby hill with your Aunt. Think of 5-8 questions you would like to ask about the hill. Stu:- I would ask question such as,1. How tall is the hill?2. Are there any wild animals on the hill?3. How much time it takes to rich the top?4. Can we go for trekking on the hill?5. Can we do a campfire on the hill?6. What is there on the other side of the hill?7. Are there different kinds of trees on the hill?.Well done!