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Meanings Of Some Difficult Words


Let’s discuss meanings of some difficult words. 1) Anthill: Anthill means a nest in the form of a mound built by ants or termites. 2) Devour: devour means eat quickly and a lot at a time. 3) In a trice means quickly. 4) Belly means stomach. 5) Diminished means reduced. 6) Medicinal means having healing properties. 7) Tribal means members of tribal communities. 8) Habitats means natural homes. 9) Spare us means let us go, leave us alone 10) Urge means request. 11) Relish means enjoy eating. 12) Lurking means remain hidden. 13) Pamphlets means a small booklet containing information. 14) Beyond measures means without limit. 15) Loads and loads of means a lot of.Let’s find out more about food chain. Can anyone explain it? A food chain shows the feeding relationship between different living things in a particular environment. It represents a series of events in which food and energy are transferred from one organism to another.For example plants prepare their own foodGoat eats plants and wild animals eat goats for their food.