The Worth of Fabric.



Children can you read aloud the speech in which Thiruvalluvar explains, how the fabric was made. Now I will give you an activity. You have to choose any of the objects we use daily and find out how it is made. You can think about any object you like. Making Roti (Bread). 1. Farmer toiled in the farm for cultivation.2. Sow the wheat seeds in the soil.3. watered the crop.4. Provided fertilizer and nutrition to crop.5. Harvested wheat, cut the crop.6. Thrash the wheat, collected wheat.7. Packed it into sacks and sold into market.8. Grocery shops.9. We buy wheat from market, clean it, grind it.10. Mother makes dough, makes roties, roast them.11. At last roti is (Bread) ready to eat. We will do one more ! That is Making of a paper. 1) Trees are cut down. 2) They are cut into logs of wood 3) The logs are taken to the paper factory. 4) They are cut into tiny, thin pieces, then powdered. 5) The pulp is made from them. 6) It is pressesd & flattened in heavy machines. Then the paper is rolled out. 7) Then it is dried in appropriate heat.