Play by Day and Night.



Well done! I am impressed. Now make a list of words from the poem which end with the letter ‘y’.Ma’am it’s very easy. Words ending with ‘y’ are happy, merry, quickly, away, day, boy, play.Good, now I will give you some words. Try to make as many smaller words as you can from the given word.1. Bring. Students:- ring, in, big, rib, bin.2. Pleasant. Students:- please, ant, plant, santa, sea, tease, least, let, lap, tap, tan, pat.3. Shine. Students:- she, his, sin, hen, is, in.4. Supper. Students:- upper, sure, up, pup.5. Good will Students:- good, will, ill, dog, wig, doll, lid, wood, log, gill.Well done! There are many activities we do during our day time and some activities are done at night. One by one try to find all activities you do at day time and at evening.