Hope is the thing with feathers

Explain next half of the story


Teacher: Students, what would be the hope bird’s food? Student: Ma’am, maybe it is a talk which boosts our morale.Teacher: Can if live on without that food? Student: Everyone needs some food. But hope is not a living being. Frankly speaking, we have no idea ma’am. Teacher: It is said that hopes do not die easily. It can survive in every adverse situation. So we can say that it can live on without food. That is why the poet says that the bird never asked for a crumb from him. Teacher: Students, now you have to match A with Column B as I show you on the screen. Tea : So who will start ? Students:- Ma,am May I? Tea: Yes please.1) Hope – Bird 2) Gale / storm – difficulties and problems.3) Keep warm – provide comfort.4) Chillest land – toughest times in life.5) A crumb – a very small bit.Teacher:- Very good! Now let’s do one more exercise here. I will give you some sentences and you have to use the proper form of the verb in them.