Hope is the thing with feathers

Explain examples


Children Now we will study degrees of comparison. I will show you one example and you have to solve the rest.Sweet – Sweeter – Sweetest. Okay now start. Tea: Your first word is : Fast Students:- Fast – faster – fastest.Tea: Good ! High. Students:- High – higher – highest .Tea: Great. Students:- great – greater – greatest.Tea: Warm. Students:- warm – warmer – warmest.Tea: Slow. Students:- slow – slower – slowest.Tea: Low. Students:- low – lower – lowest.Tea: Bright. Students:- bright – brighter – brightest.Tea: Cold. Students:- cold – colder – coldest.Tea: Strange. Students:- strange – stranger – strangest.Tea: Brave. Students :Brave – braver – bravest.Tea: Simple Students: Simple – simpler – simplest.Tea: Close Students: Close – closer – closest.Teacher:- Good Children ! Now there is a slight change for example Pretty – prettier - prettiest In the above example you can see that the last letter ‘y’ has been changed into ‘i’ to form the comparative degree. You have to follow this example.Tea: Nasty Students: Nasty – nastier – nastiest.Tea: Angry Students: Angry – angrier – angriest.Tea: Hungry Students: Hungry – hungrier – hungriest Tea: Naughty Students: Naughty – naughtier – naughtiest.Teacher:- Good !