Hope is the thing with feathers



: Children coming back to our poem. Here I will give you some meanings you have to tell me which are the phrases or lines in the poem which relate with those particular meanings. Tea: Hope is a light, delicate thing. Students:- Hope is the thing with feathers. Tea: Hope offers comfort to your soul. Students:- That perches in the soul. Tea: Hope is not a wordy thought; it is more like a feeling, an emotion. Students:- And sings the tune without the words. Tea: In the most difficult times, hope offers the greatest comfort. Students:- And sweetest- in the gale-is heard. Tea: Hope is not easily defeated. Students:- And never stops at all. Tea: Hope has given comfort to many people. Students:- That kept so many warms. Tea: Hope lives on in very hard times even when it gets nothing from you. Students:- ‘Yet-never-in Extremity, If asked a crumb-of me. Teacher:- Very Good. Our next activity is really interesting. We can relate many of our feelings and experiences to events or things in nature. Tell me which of our feelings or experiences can you relate to the following? Tea: Darkness. Students:- I can relate darkness to sadness. Tea: Sunrise. Students:- I can relate sunrise to something positive after sadness or grief. Tea: Sunshine. Students:- I can relate sunshine to positivity and joy. Tea: A rainbow. Students:- I can relate rainbow to happiness. Tea: Dark clouds. Students:- I can relate dark clouds to bad times. Tea: A peacock. Students:- I can relate peacock to cheerfulness. Tea: A storm. Students:- I can relate a storm to difficult situations. Tea: A light shower. Students:- I can relate a light shower to something comforting in an adverse situation.