Hope is the thing with feathers



Teacher:- Students, let’s do an interesting activity. Here I will give you some difficult situations. You have to form a group and tell me how you can tackle those situations. You have to give description of the surrounding & reactions: (page no. 14) Tea: Situation 1 Tea: A group of passengers are marooned on an island in the middle of the ocean. Group 1:- Description of the surrounding Stu: It is a deserted place. There is water everywhere. There is no possibility of life on the island. It is very difficult to get help as hardly any ship comes towards the island. Reactions:- Stu: Oh my God! Where have we stuck? Help! Help! Is there anyone to help? Let’s stay close to the shore as we can try to get help from the sea itself. Let’s do some arrangements so that we can be traced by someone. We will light a fire so that its smoke can be seen from people far away from us. We will tie one red color flag on a height, so that someone can notice it and come to our rescue. We will need a red color cloth, a match box to light fire, wood for burning a rope to tie the flag. Teacher:- Good try ! Situation 2 A group of pilgrims travelling on foot have lost their way in a thick jungle.