Hope is the thing with feathers

Activity of question answer


Now, I will ask you some questions which you would surely like to answer. So are you all ready? Students:- yes ma’am we all are ready. Teacher:- Do you ever feel nervous? Students:- Yes, ma’am. Teacher:- Do you ever feel really depressed? Students;- yes, sometimes we do. Teacher:- What makes you nervous or depressed? Students:- Ma’am I get nervous when I go for my exams. Students:- Ma’am I am nervous when I see our principal. Students:- Ma’am I am depressed when things don’t work according to my expectations. Teacher:- What do you hope for on these occasions? Students:- We hope that everything turns out to be simple and all is well. Teacher:- Have you hoped for something that you knew was difficult? Students:- Yes, Teacher:- What do you have to do to fulfill your hopes? Students:- Ma’am we have to work hard to fulfill our hopes. Tea: Very good students! In this poem we refer to inanimate objects, ideas, emotions as living things. It is called personification. Here hope is portrayed as a little bird. This poem is an example of personification. Describe it in your own words.