Story of tea.

Introduction and Explanation


Teacher: Welcome children. Do you know what the topic for today? It is the very important thing with which many people start their day. Student: Ma’am what is that? Please tell. Teacher: It is ‘Tea’. Student: Tea! Teacher: Yes, isn’t it very common in our life? Everyone is familiar with it. So children tell me can you prepare tea? Student: Yes ma’am it is very easy to make. Teacher: How do you make tea? Student: We boil water. Add milk, sugar and tea powder in it and it is done. Teacher: At home, who makes tea or coffee for everybody? Student: My mother makes tea or coffee for everybody. Teacher: Have u seen tea plantation? Student: Yes. I have seen one. Teacher: What was it like? Student: It was on hill top and it was very beautiful. Teacher: Tell the names of all beverages you know. Student: Tea, coffee, black-tea, green tea, cold coffee, black coffee, bourn vita, horlicks, drinking chocolate. Teacher: Come let’s play a simple game. I will tell you some names of beverages. You have to tell me what it reminds you of.