Introduction and Explanation


Teacher: Good morning children welcome to our English session. Today we are going to read a poem which is titled ‘Comparisons’. Before that I will ask you a few questions. Tell me what is your favourite colour? Students: Ma’am I like red, blue, green, yellow, pink, blue, white, brown, black etc. Teacher: What does it reminds you of? Students: It reminds of many things. Red reminds me of blood, yellow and orange reminds of sun, blue reminds of sky, green reminds of tree and grass; pink reminds of nail polish or lipsticks, brown reminds me of wood etc. Teacher: Are you afraid of the dark? What does it make you think of? Student: Yes ma’am. I am afraid of dark. It makes me think of ghosts. Teacher: If you were asked to design a big garden, what will you include in it? Student 1: Ma’am I will include all the playing equipments in and fruit trees in my garden. Student 2: Ma’am, I will have green grass, red and pink roses, big fountains and lots of benches. Student 3: Ma’am, I will have a sand pit for small children in my garden and jogging track for others.