A Play

Explain part-1 of story


Play part I :Teacher: Welcome children today we are going to read play which is very funny. Let’s start! First Guard (Student 1): Be alert, the king is about to arrive. Second Guard(Student 2) : Who wants to be alert ? Life seems like one long sleep in this land. I am at ease, all day, though I am a guard. First Guard(Student 1) : How boring ! I wonder if some interesting drama will unfold at the court today. It would enliven the atmosphere. Second Guard(Student 2) : I would be equally happy if there was none.First Guard (Student 1): Halt ! You are a stranger. Give your identity. Disciple(Student 3) : You are right. I am a visitor here - a disciple of the Wise Sage from the Ghangor forest which lies to the east of your kingdom. First Guard(Student 1) : What brings you here ? Disciple(Student 3) : I have heard amazing stories about this kingdom of Andher Nagari and the great King Chaupat. I am especially impressed by the fact that everything in the market is sold at the same price. No complications. First Guard(Student 1) : You have heard right. In our land, you can buy the most rich and delectable sweets for the same price as an equal measure of vegetables. Taka ser bhaji, taka ser khaja. I am quite happy about it. It makes life easy. Disciple(Student 3) : So it should. It would be a good idea to settle in this land. But first I would like to attend the court today and pay my respects to the mighty King Chaupat.Second Guard(Student 2) : You may stand there with those people who are in a queue.