Androcles and the Lion.



Androcles and the Lion Story part 1: Long, long ago there lived a kind, gentle and courteous man called Androcles. But he had a very cruel master. In those days, kings, nobles and other wealthy men used poor people as their slaves. Androcles was a slave. The slaves were forced to work for their masters. They had to do what their masters told them. They had no freedom, no rights. Even when they were unhappy with their master, they could not leave him. They were bound by law to obey their master, however wicked he might be. Androcles did not like his heartless, wicked master. His master starved his slaves and often whipped them. Androcles felt that even death was better than serving such a master. He kept looking out for a good opportunity. At the first chance he got, he escaped from the clutches of his cruel master. Now although Androcles had thus run away, he was not a coward. He took shelter in a forest. He was not afraid of the wild beasts that roomed the forest. He did not mind that he had no roof over his head. He was happy that he was free as a bird to go wherever he wished.