The Little River



Tea :- So now let’s start reading the poem. ‘The little river’ Our little river, it meanders along; In summer, the water is only knee deep, And cows and carts can cross it with ease, For the banks, though high, are not too steep Here, the poet says that our little river flows with twists and turns. During summer there is very little water in the river, not higher than your knee length. Cows and carts can cross the river very easily, because the banks are high but not too steep. Coming to the second stanza the poet says: No sign of slime, the sands shine bright, On one shore, kash fields blossom white. Chirping mynahs through that site, The jackal’s howl is heard there at night. The poet describes the surrounding of the river. He says that you can’t see any slippery substance on the shore, but what you can see is the tall grass with white feathery flowers. These sites attract the mynahs who keep on chirping and at night the jackals visit the place howling all the time.