Excuses! (A skit)



Today we will read an interesting skit. There are two characters in this skit, Ritesh a school student and Mrs. Sen his class teacher. The scene starts in a classroom. Ritesh – May I come in madam? Mrs. Sen –Now? Don’t you think you are early? Ritesh – Pardon ma’am? Mrs. Sen – I mean for the second period. You are too early for the second period. Ritesh – I am sorry! Ma’am I’m really sorry. I started well in time from home, you won’t believe what happened. Mrs. Sen – Hmm, we’ll see. Let’s hear the story first. What happened? Nothing short of an earthquake, I’m sure. Ritesh – No Ma’am, really, Ma’am. Honesty, Ma’am. Mrs. Sen – Go ahead. Go ahead. Ritesh – I was walking to school as usual, I was half way down the narrow lane that leads to the market. Suddenly, I heard a scream from the main road. Mrs. Sen – And of course, you had to investigate! Ritesh – Yes, madam, I had to find out if someone needed help. And sure enough, there was this person lying near the pavement-he was groaning with pain. Mrs. Sen – So, you took him to Dr. Jadhav. Ritesh – No, Ma’am I didn’t get the chance. Just as I reached that man, another man came running out of the shop there, with a packet in his hand. And the shopkeeper also ran out shouting “chor! Chor! catch him! Mrs. Sen – Amazing! Quite a handful for you to deal with and all at once! What did you do then? Ritesh – Yes, Ma’am, but the most amazing thing happened then. That man near the pavement he too got up and began to run with the thief. Without losing a moment, I ran after them. Mrs. Sen – And then you caught them and took them to the police station! Ritesh – We couldn’t do that, Ma’am. They just vanished around the corner. All this happened so fast. Mrs. sen – Then why are you late ?