A Heroine Of the sea



Story part 1 : Around the rocky coast of England stand many lonely lighthouses. Their lights, shining across the sea, warn sailors at night of dangerous rocks. When they see the lights, sailors take their ships far out to sea. But sometimes fierce storms drive ships on to the rocks. This is the story of a brave girl and of a shipwreck on the rocks one night in 1838. Grace Darling was the daughter of a lighthouse keeper. She had lived all her life in lonely lighthouses, far away from towns and cities. There was not even a village near their home. Their nearest neighbours were many miles away. But Grace’s father was a wise and educated man who brought up his children very carefully. Grace and her brothers and sisters were all taught to read and write. Their father also taught them to be honest and brave and unselfish. When Grace was ten years old the family went to live in the Longstone lighthouse. Their new home was on some wild islands, near the east coast of England. The Darling children grew up here. When they were older they left their lonely home, one by one, and found work in the cities. At last, all of them had left the lighthouse, except Grace, who stayed at home to help her mother and father. She had not grown very tall. She was only a little woman, not at all like her father, who was more than six feet tall. On the night of September 6th 1838, a terrible storm was blowing. Grace was used to storms. She herself was warm and safe in the big lighthouse. But she was always unhappy about the poor sailors who were at sea in the storm.