Walk a little slower

Introduction and Explaination


Teacher: - Welcome children! This is our first session of English class. We will start with a poem: ‘Walk a little slower’. It is a wonderful poem which shows the relationship between a child and his father. I will read the first stanza.‘Walk a little slower, Daddy,’Said a little child so small.I’m following in your footsteps And I don’t want to fall.In the above lines the child requests his Dad to walk a little slower as he is following his Dad’s footsteps. He is too small and he doesn’t want to fall. Coming to the next stanza the poet says ‘Sometimes your steps are very fast, Sometimes they are hard to see; So, walk a little slower, Daddy, For you are leading me.’The child says that sometimes his dad walks very fast and sometimes it is hard to see his foodsteps and again he requests his Dad to walk a little slower as he is leading him.Children tell me what would happen if the child tried to walk fast? Why? Students:- Ma’am if the child tried to walk fast he will fall down because he is too small and can’t walk as fast as his father. Teacher: Correct!